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released July 4, 2014

Produced by Michael Chorney and Adrian Roye and the Exiles
Arranged by Adrian Roye and the Exiles
'Pebbles & Stones' arranged by Adrian Roye and Simon Lewis
'I Claim You' arranged by Adrian Roye and the Exiles and Oli Rockberger
Recorded and Engineered by Michael Chorney at Goose Coop, Lincoln VT
Mixing assistant- Bennett Shapiro
Artwork by Cameron Steward



all rights reserved


Adrian Roye and the Exiles UK

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Track Name: Plastic Bag Goldfish
Walking round’ corners

the streets getting bigger

surreal doused surprise

as the street lights get dimmer

oh welcome you new word

I’ve heard much about you

I’m glad to have met you

but I can’t get out of you

people parading their wares to the landscape

dream riches ascending

like buildings that sky-scrape

oh please Mr I’m not prepared for your notion

a plastic bag goldfish I am in the ocean you swim

models on taxis

and cameras and flashes

the men strike a pose

as she beats her eyelashes

my compass the empire

I left undiscovered

the magnets distracted

no time for another one

oh where is my north star

I long for my manger

once straw to a stable

but now I’m a stranger

the looks on their faces shows I am misplaced

but it’s just my reflection

of what I’ve been showing them

out to the highway where man stops for no one

my memory replaced of the land that come from

the buildings that sky-scrape
the landscape familiar

hello to the door

farewell to that other word

Track Name: Warning Shot
I know it’s hard to see 
that we are sometimes wrong

the warning shot’s gone off

so if I let you down

no I won’t go with you

but I’ll see you on your way

it’s time to set the arms down

you can’t force change

I got a thing about winning everything

you just look up and shake your head

and let me get on with it

oh my days of discontent

to satisfy my will

and it’s ever-changing role

that you could never play

we both know each other well

won’t raise our hands

each stubborn as

it’s easier to lie 
than it is to ignore

maybe just try them all

and see who surrenders

there’s a battle up ahead

and we could just retreat

but we won’t move our feet

till the other goes first

you go

I’ll stay

we’ll carry on that way

Track Name: The Calling
It came out as a warning

as a sound you could almost hear

but I could hear you calling

I could tell you were almost there

and I can feel it

though you never were my twin

and I’ll stop breathing

give you life as the air gets thin

and if all the doors were closed

I’d be the hole that you could crawl through

outside the wolves are calling for your blood

I will protect you

go on

you must go on

we came out of the water

and slowly we turn to sand

right now we’re walking

somewhere above dry land

can we make it

in hope as a boy

as a man in doubt

stop falling

it’s deep but we can make it out

you and me

we can be

we can bleed

we can heal

we can wash it away

but you must go on
Track Name: Cold War
may I wear your coat

as the chill sets in

numb as the sun burns through me

speak those words again

oh what of all the things you’ve done

what did you win once you had won

bridges once were built

often to decay

I won’t hold up much longer

crush and waste away

oh did you spit in to the stream

dust in the well is all I see

sharpen up your claws

my ears are the prey

leave any scraps behind

in case I pass this way

fair-weather friend the wind has changed

so many flakes fall down the drain
Track Name: Fear of Phantoms
you only wanted a free world
no one would want us to take over
you want to gown a familiar
how immaterial of us
shifting back into the night
sure we can’t endure in the light
hiding but we’re still in sight
take freedom away from our rights

you have a fear of the phantoms
declare a war on your notion
you break us out of the prison
but still the bars are between us
don’t worry walking beside me
masking the eyes of your children
this is the grandest unveiling
you bring the cross and pitchfork

stones are in the mode again
queue out to the west gathering
sin now a material thing
penance in the showing of skin

cage of gold, cage of lead
still a cage, my friend
cage of gold, cage of lead
still a cage, my friend

your face it hides an ulterior
my mask it hides apprehension
confuse the cloak and the dagger
and fear I thwart for ascension
Track Name: Same Each Time
that’s about enough for me

I want to go home

I’ve seen all that I have to see

and I want to go home

why am I always spotted by the light

illuminating all my faults for you

but what do I know

I am just a shoulder

whatever I proclaim is like air to the dead

so this is where it ends

the same place each time

what more do you want from me

because I’m all out

I traded for the company

and now I’m all out

it’s too easy to pretend it all a game

when your reflection beats you every time

So what do I know

I am just a shoulder

whatever I proclaim is like air to the dead

and how to I proceed this vertical dilemma

when you have tied your rope

and hung it on me

every day’s a climb

we’re searching for that something

that they always tell us

we need to survive

still I don’t see a change

just same each time

Track Name: Pebbles & Stones
If you ever shut up for a minute

you would know what’s up with me

when I sit silently

don’t say a word

don’t look at me

If I ever shut up for a second 

I would’ve heard 

what you’ve been saying for years

guess stubborn works for me

choose your pain over my fears

you say a word

and so I threw a pebble

and you threw a stone and so on

go on this way

till we’re both washed away 
in the rubble

of your right I’m wrong

I’m right your wrong

hey can I borrow your time

I’ve got something on my mind

that I have to say

you see your way is my way

or you can take the highway

and all of the byways

and gods law

but what for

it doesn’t work

it doesn’t work for me

doesn’t seem much better to me

your word is yours 
and you like what you see

but it doesn’t seem much better to me

we’ll draw the straws

if your long I’ll take yours

it’s the easiest way to decide

wrong can be right

if it’s in the good light

so stand up and bask in my pride

oh how it shines

if we ever shut up for minute

we could hold hands



be like before

your life was simple then

it’s much better being ignored

Track Name: Seven Hours
seven hours all I own

I spend it every night before

my debts through blood-shot eyes

never paying it off

get there at the same time

no matter when I’m leaving

time rush to destinations 
I don’t wanna be

 it’s the countdown

get back before you feel it

the world is in your way

on a ball and a chain

you're thinking

just stop thinking

that’s how you know about it

listening to what they say

always did every harm

embrace deprivation

delude and just don’t see it

get out and just pretend

that you’ve had enough

here come the bells again

ringing me to realise that

seven hours all I own
Track Name: Where Are the Roses
be this for me

someone else

someone I trust in my room

lay on the floor

memories weigh you down

heroes gone home

saviour stranger

playing dress-up in the armoury

what I’m trying on never suited me

if I time it right

you might never even notice 

take a trip and tumble to the ground

always hurt the ones you love

forever asking

where are the roses

worship your ground

lift me up

learn from my fears

my A+

took to the wheels

learned the language well

recite silence

raise your fists

ignorance is not the remedy

but administered to me daily

now the side-effect is the normality I’m under

take a trip inside the looking-glass

if the role reversed would you still be asking

where are the roses
Track Name: I Claim You
I claim you
my flags laid down
from here to the horizon
here to the horizon
I build my house out of matchsticks tonight
keep one spare for the striking
 under the foundations.

where giants roamed
now only bones of those who came before decorate their ground
so how will I know to keep you safe
by building walls so you can’t see outside 
and I can’t fear what comes.

you will erode
you will erode now
so it will come
It will come down
let it erode
let it erode now

I claim you
my flags laid down
there’s nothing left for sharing
nothing left to share
so I’ll take my spade and dig under the ground
for something to discover
something to keep me here

for I could go
and stake my claim on someone else’s land,
as history’s foretold
but what have we learned
I see but desolate that no one now can occupy
let it live to let it truly die